“Flat Falcon”是一款高能医用直线加速器治疗系统。其基本功能原理是:利用质子系统,在回旋加速器加速下,将质子束以及高速的射入人体,在到达肿瘤病灶部位时,按照计算机的设定迅速减速并停止,然后释放博拉格峰,将癌细胞彻底杀死。

"Flat Falcon" is a high-energy medical linear accelerator treatment system. The basic functional principle is: using the proton system, under the acceleration of the cyclotron, the proton beam and the high-speed injection into the human body, when reaching the tumor lesion site, according to the computer settings quickly decelerate and stop, and then release the Bragg Kill cancer cells completely.


Its main body adopts a suspended design embedded in the wall, and the head can rotate 360 ​​° to meet the precise identification and positioning of cancer cells at different angles of the head and kill. The bed motion system uses a foldable and rotatable cantilever bed design. Through internal intelligent micro-control cloud computing, it is more flexible and stable and reliable, reducing the instability caused by uncertain factors such as breathing floating Ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the treatment process. "Flat Falcon"